First Visit and Looking Forward to Next
Jennifer was very detailed in her diagnosis and the taking of my details. This was my first acupuncture visit ever. No worries or trepidation were there as her confidence and demeanor came through. I actually fell asleep during the treatment time! I can already tell a better condition with the sciatic issue, but will keep up the treatments. I will also try the acupuncture approach for some other issues.
James F
June 3, 2015
Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time
Looking great! Almost perfect. The FB box just needs to be a wee shorter in length. We still need the borders around those three boxes to separate them a little. And the site map looks great but just needs to be a close to the copyright print near the bottom, otherwise the spacing above is great. Thanks!
G. P
April 6, 2015
I had a lot pain in several differ area of my body. With Jennifer help she has taken care of the pains I have had I feel like a new person. It been a lot better at my job with no pain it lot easier to do my work and to go home without the pain I use to have. Thanks Jennifer from Judy and Danny A
Danny A
February 11, 2015
Love my accupuncture appointments with Jennifer. She is extremely thorough, caring, and professional. I always leave feeling so much better. Such a great pain relief treatment! I have taken my kids in for treatments with equal success!
Kathleen M
December 23, 2014
I have been dealing with panic attacks since March 2014 and after my second visit with Loveland acupuncture I noticed tremendous improvements and my breathing has gotten a whole lot better. Thank you Jennifer!
September 11, 2014
No pain
I am able to fall asleep when getting into bed at night. No pain to delay falling to sleep. Acupuncture works for me.
Dave F
August 26, 2014
Experience with Loveland Acupuncture
After two treatments- no pain in the scapula and "trap" muscles. I was able to fall asleep within minutes at bedtime. No heat pads needed nor ice packs. It been over one month since having to do those temporary relief of pain things. Acupuncture works for me!!!! Thank goodness for Jen Bao and her treatments.
Dave F
July 22, 2014
Compassionate, knowledgeable, effective
Dr. Jennifer Bao is a wonderfully kind and skilled acupuncturist who has given me induction-related treatments prior to my children's births. I highly recommend this natural technique for induction as well as Jennifer as one's health practitioner.
Rachel G
July 12, 2014
Very detailed with questions and answers. Highly knowledgable and understanding.
The help with body placement on the procedure table and adjustment done well to make it a comfortable experience. This patient happens to be post polio. The acupuncture itself was comfortable throughout. Will go back for more sessions,
June 17, 2014
Physical Therapist
Very good history review. Very congenial therapist with good repore with patients. Am looking forward to returning for more therapy
May 16, 2014
Jennifer Bao is a one of a kind Acupuncturist!!
She treated me for about 2 years for various ailments like allergies, menstrual pains, acne, wrinkles, stress, and even for just plain wellness care! Not only is she really knowledgeable in Traditional Chinese Medicine, her confidence while treating me really made me feel that I could trust her with my treatments. Recently my newborn daughter was in some discomfort because she was constipated... I texted Jen all the way from PA for some suggestions... within minutes, she sent me pictures of acupressure points that I could use on my daughter to relieve her stomach issues. After 3 different times of me pressing on the points, my daughter pooped so much that I joked with Jen that I needed the points to stop her from pooping! I know that this is gross but this is a simple example of how much Acupuncture works and Jen's dedication to her patients-- she is unfortunately in CO now but she cared enough about me & my newborn to help us out. Jen is a caring person that happens to be an Acupuncturist. Once she treats you, you're sure to love & use Acupuncture all the time and with a personality like hers, she's perfect for children as well-- your kids will adore her kind and calm nature! if you haven't given acupuncture a try, Jen is perfect for a first timer because she takes the time to explain everything in a way that is understandable... and you have had acupuncture done before but need to find one in the Loveland, CO area-- you're in luck! there's no one better that i would suggest than Jen Bao, L.Ac.
Kyung B
July 20, 2011