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Welcome to Loveland Acupuncture LLC!

Have you ever wondered...
- what acupuncture really is,
- how it really works,
- and last but not least, what it can treat?

If you have, then you have landed on just the right site! My name is Jennifer Bao am a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in beautiful Loveland, Colorado and I am passionate about acupuncture and its ability to heal the body. Color-Professional-Shot

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?
Traditional Chinese Medicine is an umbrella title that covers a range of classical medical practices developed thousands of years ago in China. In Mandarin Chinese, it is referred to as Zhong Yi (中医) - "Zhong" for China/Chinese (中国) and "Yi" for Doctor or Medicine (医生). Now that you have learned a few Chinese characters, let's discuss what techniques a practitioner of TCM employs.

For starters, there is the practice of Acupuncture but what is not often known is that TCM acupuncturists also practice:
- traditional chinese body massage (tui na (推拿) and amma (按摩)),
- scraping (or gua sha) (刮痧),
- cupping (拔罐),
- moxibustion,
- prescribing Chinese Medicine (or herbal remedies),
- and making dietary recommendations.

Though all of the above-mentioned treatments differ in procedure, they have a common function, which is to harmonize or balance the body. And by body, I mean everything and in-between what we understand as our physical "body." Basically when your body is "not in balance" it manifests its dysfunction in the form of a disease. Let's take the actual word disease for example and break it down so that we can have a better understanding of the word itself:

"disease" broken down is simply "dis" & "ease"

Voilà!!...and so we have it, what we experience and call "disease" is basically when our body is in "dis" (or non) "ease." Interesting thought, right? Now if you consider something at 'ease' to be the same as something that is smooth, tranquil or in harmony, then it isn't too difficult to understand how an actual disease may arise when the body is no longer functioning in a harmonious state. This is where the Art of Acupuncture interjects!

ENJOY the Website!!
Jennifer Bao L.Ac. - The Loveland Acupuncture Practitioner

Intrigued? Want more??
No problem, feel free to send me an email (or call my office at 970-599-1027) so that I may address any other questions you have about Loveland Acupuncture.

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